We got Rob Team in the house
Back to the days, we gona do it like this
Yeah , like this
Yo check it,
I`m taking you back to class for a second
Never taking a bad seat
Spinning fast like an old record
Mic assasins blasting your sector trespassing
Searching for the fastest way to make it
Me and Connect-r, the masters
High above the masses
We still got love for the clasics
So we back sixteens call the paramedics
Our six skills killing diabetics
The time line now or never
A night will bite some tide vibes
So we try to make it last forever
This is just a warning for the less clever
We hypnotize and we doing it big like the best ever
Better recognize it you already no dislike us
We are wearing no disguises and we aim thing that 8 miles was
So no wacky Shady, don`t tell the ladies
It`s rapping on production baby

Let me take you back to the old school
Let me show you how i use to do
I think about it every day
Not that much to loose ma way
Let me take you back to the old school